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The Benefits of Digital Recordings

Digital court recordings make it possible to outsource audios and videos to legal transcription and deposition services, also making it accessible to legal professionals and court personnel, as well as litigants needing a copy of the record.  A professional service of court transcription will be able to transcribe these digital recordings at a fraction of the cost, using their own resources and experienced team of transcriptionists.

Digital recordings can also be used as a safety net for backup capturing the entire record. Even court reporters use recorders as their backup in case of mishaps or for further clarity of their transcripts.

The Use of Transcripts with digital recordings

Another plus is being able to sync transcripts to audios or videos, which are useful in legal proceedings.  Court officials are then able to access video recordings and follow along with a copy of the transcript in hand.  Digital recordings of hearings, pleadings, etc. are also uploaded to federal and other judicial court servers making recordings available almost immediately when required.

 As Digital Recording continues to increase in popularity, Legal Transcription continues to grow and become an integral part of the litigation process.

 Some benefits of digital recordings

  • The ability to outsource digital recordings to a virtual transcription service, providing cost-effective solutions not realized by having an in-house staff.
  • No need for additional equipment, software or resources or the need to train staff, as an experience provider of transcription will be equipped with the necessary resources, as well as being skilled and fully trained in your area of expertise for the task at hand.
  • A Legal Transcription Service will have a flexible TAT to accommodate various deadline(s).
  • Savings realized from the traditional method would free up the Court’s tight budget to be used and applied to other department expenses.

Transcription Services Alongside Digital Recordings

According to Studies, transcription done by a reliable service is just as and even more accurate that is transcribed from digital audio or video recordings.  In addition, some benefits of outsourcing to a transcription provider are:

  • Cost is significantly less, saving time, money and extra resources
  • No extra office space required
  • Employment expenses (such as income tax, sick leave, vacation, healthcare, etc.) are not required

So, the next time you need your audio/video transcribed consider outsourcing it to a virtual provider of service for your transcription needs.


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