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Making The Case For Insurance Transcription

When the unexpected occurs, which is often the case in the insurance industry, things such as natural disaster, flooding of a building, explosion or fire, an adjuster becomes in high demand.  Investigating incidents, attending site visits, scheduling meetings with contractors and the other party’s representatives can all make for a busy and stressful office in the day and the life of an insurance adjuster.  With all the paperwork involved such as compiling a claim, the reports and letters necessary, wouldn’t it be nice to have an extra set of hands to help lighten the load?  Well, that’s just one of the many duties and benefits of an experienced transcription service, one of whose specialties is Insurance.

After all, when would a busy adjuster (such as yourself) have time to meet with the other adjuster(s) and representatives involved to discuss and go over the facts of the claim, if you’re stuck behind a desk putting together the information collected and notes taken during your investigation?   It would be much easier to dictate the information gathered during your site inspection, then delegate the transcribing of them to a virtual transcription service.

The Transcription Advantage

Some other advantages of working with a reliable transcription service would be:

  • Should arbitration become necessary, having the notes transcribed will be very handy, as audio recordings are not permitted during arbitration forums;
  • The recording of witnesses statements are very useful for adjusters making it easy to review pertinent details;
  • Making transcripts digital makes it easier to transfer files between all parties involved, as well as different areas of the insurance company in need of the information.

The Added Bonus of Insurance Transcription

In addition to transcribing the investigator’s notes, a seasoned transcription service can also transcribe:

  • The adjuster’s reports regarding what occurred
  • Interviews with the victims and witnesses
  • Meetings held between the parties involved
  • Reports of property loss, theft, etc.

Reaping The Rewards

And the rewards reaped are:

  • Cost Savings: Avoiding the use of additional overhead, equipment and supplies;
  • Time Sensitivity: Meeting sensitive deadlines in a timely manner;
  • Benefits: The benefit of a trained, qualified service, using their own resources, versus that of the Customer/Client;
  • Better use of Time & Resources: Untying the adjuster’s hands, allowing him/her to concentrate on resolving and settling the claim.

So, the case has been made; the next time you’re feeling claims overload remember, Insurance Transcription can help ease your workload with one simple phone call.


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